Departing radically from the first-person co-op action of previous titles in the franchise, Escape Dead Island is being billed as a “survival mystery” by publisher Deep Silver. Players will take on the role of new protagonist Cliff Caylow in a slower-paced, third-person experience with an emphasis on the surreal. Progression through the game will rely on building up an inventory of tools and skills to open up new areas, presumably including the gas mask pictured above for traversing gas-filled rooms. Caylow, a “documentarian” journeying to uncover the mysteries of the first Dead Island, will rely more on stealth than the original protagonists. It is unclear if Caylow has covered wars.


Central to Escape will be Caylow’s hallucinations, up to and including visions of his death in various ways, ultimately resulting in a return to a previous point where Caylow is the only one to remember the weird goings-on. The announcement trailer puts a large emphasis on this aspect of the game. Developed by Swedish studio Fatshark, Escape will tell the origin story of the zombies and takes place between the original Dead Island and the upcoming Dead Island 2 in development by Yager.

Escape Dead Island will be released for the PS3, XBox 360 and PC for $40.
Source – Joystiq