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Today’s the day. Operation Supply Drop’s 4th annual game-a-thon enlists the incredible gaming community willing to do silly from 12 p.m. (EST) Saturday to Sunday. Course, if you’re like me, you don’t have the time to dedicate to the all-day affair or your laptop / console / toaster / PC can’t stream (GET ON THAT). That’s fine.

No, that’s great actually because channels need viewers such as yourself. How can you follow all those? Simply glue your eyes to the 8-Bit Salute hashtag, follow the official Operation Supply Drop Twitter account for updates, or poke a look at every fundraising team. Additionally, Twitch and MLG.TV both host landing pages full of streamers ready to knock his or her sleep schedule off. Being that 8-Bit Salute gains significant steam every year since its inception back in 2012, you’ll need to sit down to figure out who is involved. Sounds daunting, right?

Well, consider this article your 8-Bit Salute “TV Guide.” We’ll tell (and link to) you the big fundraising teams, streamers, notable personalities, and those special rewards specific to the fundraising team. Below are the list of organizations and communities supporting 8-Bit Salute. By streaming, marking a fundraising team of their own, or both, here are the heavy and little hitters putting their names out there for Operation Supply Drop.

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Naughty Dog is going all out and offering INCREDIBLE rewards for top donors.


3DRealms: Twitter

Battle Royale Games:

Blue Mammoth Games: Twitter

Hi-Rez Studios: Twitch.

Naughty Dog: Twitter. Twitch. Schedule. Top Donors win prizes! Win codes during stream!

Versus Evil: Twitter.

Turtle Rock Studios: Twitter. Twitch.  AWESOME “Monster Sam” Poster for 8-Bit Salute.

Wargaming: Twitter. Twitch. Post.

Bethesda Softworks: Twitter. Twitch. Beth Blog Post. Watch and win codes for Evil Within, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood!

Faceroll Studios:

Guerrilla Games: Site.

High Tide Games:

Panic Button: Twitter. Streamers are Andrea, Max.

Spacetime Studios: Twitter.

Team Company of Heroes: Relic Entertainment’s twitter. Twitch. Schedule of individual streamers for Relic Entertainment is here.

Tertis: Twitter.



ASTRO Gaming Stream Team: Twitter. Twitch.

Hitbox: Twitter. Hitbox.

XSplit: Twitter. Twitch.

Overdog: Twitter.

Battle Beaver Customs: Twitter. Highest donors receive prizes! See fundraise page for more details. Use code “BEAVERDROP” to take 5% off ANY Battle Beaver Products and make Battle Beaver Customs donate 5% to the fundraise page. Site.

Leaptrade: Twitter. Site.

Loot Crate: Twitter.

Project Triforce: Twitter. Twitch. Schedule.

SquidGrip: Twitter.

Xsplit: Twitch. Twitter.


The Chive: Twitter. Twitch. Post.

Co-Optimus: Twitter. Twitch. Post. Community Manager Eric Murphy helms the stream.

GameTrailers: Twitter. Twitch. Schedule includes Andrea Rene, Brandon Jones, Elyse Willems, Mike Huber, Brad Ellis, Ben More. Rene plans to give away a ton of PS4 and PS3 games.

Two Seven Gaming: Twitch, Twitter.

Nerdist: Twitter. Malik Forte

Machinima: Personalities (with streaming accounts attached) involved include Matt Dannevik, Eliot and Ricky, Massive Gaming, Steve and Larson, The Yordles, LegendofGamer.

Charisma + 2: Twitter. Twitch. Individuals involve are Lisa Richards (Twitter. Twitch.) Yvonna Lynn (twitter), Roxanne D

DRMB (Don’t Revive Me, Bro): Twitter. Twitch. Site.

Fanboy TV: Twitch. Event planned on May 23rd. OSD Video!

Everyday Gamers: Twitter. Hitbox. Site. Partnered with GlomTom. Those who support Everyday Gamers’ 8-Bit Salute Team receive a 12% discount on a GomTom. More information on how to take advantage of this partnership is here.

HAVOK: Twitch. Site Post. 12-hour stream on May 24th with raffle prizes like video cards, motherboards, headphones, and game codes with help by sponsors AMD, Plantronics, Enermax, LEPA, SteelSeries, Intel, Corsair, GX Gaming and SAPPHIRE.

LevelSave: Twitter. Site.

4Player Network: Twitter. Twitch. Schedule.

Off Duty Gamers: Twitter. Site.

Rooster Teeth: Twitch. Twitter. Site.

Polaris: Twitter. Twitch.

Tactical Gaming: Twitter. TwitchPost. Top donors receive rewards such as a game of your choice, Tactical Gaming t-shirt, and a year of Tactical Gaming Sponsorship. More information is here. Vice President of Tactical Gaming is also Operation Supply Drop’s Strategic Advisor DBLDeathDealer and main TG streamer.



Bacon, Beards, & Bros: Twitter. Fundraising goals include a care package of bacon and beard supplies and live shavings of a mustache and beard. Force Operation Supply Drop’s Content Strategy Director Jacob the Beard to shave his facial hair!

Kinda Funny: Twitch. Twitter.

Kick Back Gaming: Twitch , Twitter.

Dads of Destiny: Twitter.

24HourGameathon: Twitter. Site.

Danny & Alexis 2015: Twitch. Danny O’dwyer (Twitter), Alexis Galisa (Twitter)

Destiny Community: Twitch. Schedule. Destiny players include groups like Guardian Radio, The Loot Cave, Dames of Destiny, DOD Podcast, Guardian One, and more streaming communities.

Dark Side ArmyTim Havlock (Twitter. Twitch.) RobbyMac (Twitter. Twitch.)

Dysfunctional Veteran Gaming: Twitter.

Gamerz In Arms: Twitter.

Good4Gaming: Twitter. Twitch.

Jägers: Don Gomez (Twitter. Twitch.)

Charity Battlefield: “28 day charity drive benefiting both Operation Supply and the Wounded Warrior Project that culminates in a massive 32v32 Conquest match of Battlefield 4 on one of LevelBF’s PC servers between the OSD team and the WWP team.”

Pixel Plays: 48-hour marathon! Live Streamers are EU_Riddler and Bavarias

Raychul: Raychul Moore (Twitter. Twitch.)

Soup Sandwich Gaming: Twitch.

Rize Up Gaming: Twitter. Twitch. Site.

Team Blame the Controller: Twitter. Twitch.

The 42nd: Christopher Sacriel (Twitter. Twitch.)

The Docnation: Twitter. Twitch.

The Code: Twitter. Twitch. Run by OSD Director of Partner Relations Shane Viernum.

Team Berzerkers: Twitter. Twitch.

The Chobotenators: Jessica Chobot (Twitter. Twitch.)

Team2G: Trick2g (Twitter. Twitch.)

8Bit 1

Pro Gaming

CupcakeSquad: Jenn_Cupcakee (Twitter. Schedule, Twitch).

Major League Gaming: Twitter. Stream. Charity streaming starts May 15th to May 18th with team donations providing an exclusive Chat User Icon! More information here and a lovely post by Commander Banton here as well.

RAWRSQUAD: MrsViolence (Twitter. Twitch.)

Corvus eSports: Twitter. Top donor receives a Corvus t-shirt!

Critical Reaction: Twitter. Twitch.

UMG Gaming: Twitter.

Noble eSports: Twitter. Stream.

To think 11% of the $1,337,000 fundraising goal is already filled by the start of the event leads only to happy thoughts all around. Happy streaming, everyone, and enjoy 8-Bit Salute!