Jaw dropping, face melting, ear shredding, eye popping. These are some of the terms I have to use when talking about the upcoming earbuds from Klipsch Audio. These earbuds are serious. How serious? Serious as a subpoena delivered by 12 men in black suits driving black SUVs! Why so serious? They have dedicated tweeters and subwoofers. WHA?! YES! AN EARBUD WITH A DEDICATED SUB! This is the reason why I originally approached Klipsch to review them. I love bass. I’m a heavy metal fanatic. I love detuned guitars, double kick drums, eerie keyboards and everything else in the lower spectrum. I also love the treble of a Siren voice. The crispness, the clarity and the seduction. Klipsch has managed to put BIG SOUND in a set of earbuds. I doubted, but they made me a believer.
How did the convince me? I used these for two weeks. I played Call of Duty – Black Ops III, World of Tanks, Final Fantasy VII, Skyrim & Diablo III.
In all the games I was hearing sounds I never heard before, but in Black Ops II I could hear enemies sneaking up behind me for that stealth kill and they were suddenly surprised to find me… ready and waiting for them. I listened to a variety of metal and classical. Megadeth, Amaranth, Nightwish, Delain, Metallica, Lacuna Coil, Sevendust, Static-X, The Murder of My Sweet, Heavy Melody & Two Steps from Hell. I had one hell of an experience. I haven’t day dreamed like that since I was in high school listening to Ozzy. Oh yeah, I listened to him too. These are definitely cinematic if not a home theater style experience. Next up is “Lone Survivor” & “Black Hawk Down”. I can’t wait to bring these to the Blu-Ray player!
The mind blowing thing about these is I am hearing sounds I never heard before and my awareness and immersion is heightened. All of this at lower volume levels which makes my ear doctor happier. I’ve been using these earbuds for gaming, music and video conferencing. They outperform every other headset and earbud I own or have owned. These are truly the best sounding units I’ve ever heard. That included the headphones I used while recording a CD at Penguin Studios back in the early 90’s.
My only, ONLY, complaints are that the largest tips/covers they have seem to fit but the angle seems to hurt my ear after a while. I think this might be due to the weight of the earbud itself. The other is that they don’t come with a cable that allows them to be used as a gaming headset for consoles. Klipsch… make it happen!
+ Multiple tips/covers to choose from
+ Bass for days!!
– Price Point (For those seeking a higher level of audio you need to check these out. If the price point is to high for your wallet check out the X6i’s)
– The case while nice is not protective enough for those who travel.
– Not compatible with gaming controllers
  • Christopher Hardy

    The sound is good but not as good as I would expect at this price point. The fit is comfortable. Not the quality I would expect from this brand. The case that it comes with is a joke. If you’re spending almost $300 on a set of headphones at least give me something decent to protect it with.

  • Captain Kirk

    Just bought by pair, I gotta say they are outstanding! First the Pros
    1. Outstanding if slightly bass boosted sound. Not boomy at all, clear tight bass.
    2. Beautiful to look at.
    3. Comfortable with right seal.
    4. I love the wallet case, packs up real small, but doesn’t look like it is going to protect the buds if stepped on.
    5. Sound is very very pleasing.
    6. very little cable noise
    7. High sensitivity.
    8. Don’t need an amp, doesn’t make a difference.
    1. Not true reference quality at all volume levels Seems like eq is +2 bass +1 Mids +0 Treble at sub 50% iPhone 6 volume (regardless doesn’t sound like it since the dual driver make a clean sound almost home theater quality..
    2. Heavy. They are heavy so aright seal and placement in ear makes a difference between comfortable and uncomfortable.
    3. Non user replaceable cable.
    4. No L connected for 3.5mm
    5. Hard-shell wallet case would have been better.
    6. raising the volume causes the sound to be clearer and make these headphones true reference quality. seems like dynamic and balanced armature drivers have different efficiency.
    Having tried other hybrids and high end headphones. I will say…..buy these now and don’t look back, you will not find better even if more expensive. At that point you will pay for portability and size. Diminishing returns.