So what is Front Towards Gamer?

Front Towards Gamer is the brain child of site founder Steve “Shanghai Six” Machuga, created with the intent of carving out a small place on the internet to call home. Front Towards Gamer provides reviews, editorials, and even some random stuff for gamers of all ages and types. Our motto here is “Never Fight Alone,” and we try to embody that with everything we do.

What can I expect from FTG?

Only the most cutting edge news, helpful reviews and game guides, and a group of very entertaining writers who come up with some great articles. Oh, and don’t forget about the Claymore Podcast Network, a collection of podcasts put together by our talented staff.

What’s with the Claymores?

The site “mascot” is an M18 Claymore Mine. Yes, it’s a strange thing to have an anti-personnel mine as a mascot, but there you go. A claymore mine is a directional command detonated mine that is the equivalent of a giant shotgun shell that shoots out about 100+ steel balls 100 meters in front of wherever it’s placed, at a 60 degree angle at waist height.

This nasty little toy was used in Vietnam to help secure the perimeter of patrol bases, but Vietnamese troops would find them, turn them around in the middle of the night and point them toward the US encampment. Eventually, the mine makers stamped “Front Towards Enemy” on the front of the mine so troops wouldn’t accidentally set the mine up backwards, also making it easier to tell which direction the mine was facing in the dark.

What’s the Claymore Podcast Network?

The Claymore Podcast Network is your one-stop shop for video game and nerd-related podcasts. The number of shows fluctuates over time, but it currently consists of four programs: Front Towards Gamer Radio, Gametwerp Podcast, Podcast N Bullsh*t, and PCN-Gen.

What is Front Towards Gamer Radio all about?

C-list internet gaming celebrities, look out! Founder of Front Towards Gamer Stephen “Shanghai Six” Machuga stalks video game personalities from across the internet and tries to get them for interviews!

Sandwiching the interviews between their “Intro/Outro” segments, Gigi “GamerGirlTalk,” Quinn Sullivan, and a variety of FTG staff members talk about the latest in gaming news and site happenings every week.

What is the Gametwerp Podcast?

Four guys, four mics, and thousands of games to talk about. Everything from the NES to the PS3, plus original segments like Flashback, Bullet List, The Rant, and Gag Reel. Join Tony “ChaingunPope” Wilson, Riley “TheBrain76” Maher, Mike “Heyfling” Haefling, and Ben “Iyield2no1” Hudelson for a hilarious trek across video game news, reviews, and everything in between. Need some entertainment during your morning commute, work break, or just a new spin on video games? The Gametwerp Podcast has got you covered.

What is Operation: Supply Drop?

Operation Supply Drop is Front Towards Gamer’s charity wing, focusing on raising money to build video game care packages for troops deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. O:SD raised $30,000 in 2011, and Shanghai Six was overwhelmingly nominated as one of IGN’s “Top 30 Persons of the Year” by fans.

Founder Shanghai Six spent a total of two calendar years deployed overseas with the 82nd Airborne Division and 2nd Infantry Division to 13 straight months in Iraq. While deployed, he got a care package full of used Harlequin romance novels from a library. It was at that moment he realized that while people had their hearts in the right place and were trying to do the right thing by sending care packages, they just didn’t know what soldiers wanted. And that’s video games. Duh.

I’m a video game journalist who’s really good at typing and words, so how do I do that for Front Towards Gamer?

The front page of a news site like Front Towards Gamer is an ever-hungry beast, ravenously devouring articles and always needing more. There will always be a need for talented writers and editors, so why not step up and join us? Write a current article that you think would be interesting for gamers, keep it between 500-750 words, and send it to ShanghaiSix@fronttowardsgamer.com. The current full-time writing standard is one article a week, while contributors only need to write once a month to stay on the books.

If you’ve got other skills and talents you’d like to lend us, like podcast editing, creating gameplay videos, writing walkthroughs, or any number of things, write to that same email address, and we’ll see about working with you!

I’m a business person who’s interested in advertising and/or sponsoring Front Towards Gamer and/or Operation: Supply Drop. Who do I give my money to?

We would love to take….uh I mean put your money to good use. Send an email to Steve at ShanghaiSix@fronttowardsgamer.com, and he will provide you with the offshore account numbers you will need to send all your money to… I meant to say he will be more than happy to help you spend your money. I guess that isn’t much better.

Oh well, you get the idea.

Meet the Rebel Camp Staff

Stephen “ShanghaiSix” Machuga – Founder, Editor in Chief


Robert Beach – Executive Editor

Dylan Tierney – Features Editor

Rhys Egner – Reviews Editor

Sam Eskenazi – News Editor

Morgan Park – Associate Editor

Brandon Parker – Podcast Editor

Curtis Stone – Associate Editor


Derrick Ford – Staff Writer

Mark Walsh – Video Editor


Lido Giovacchini – Comics Editor

Gamergirl – Podcast Host

Quinn Sullivan – Podcast Host / Staff Writer


Hall of Fame

Jordan Anderson

William “FlipDock” Aryitey

Craig “Batman5273” Kandiko

Josh Derocher


Travis “Turbobison” Foster

Franceso “Imp0ssibl3” Ramazzotti

Josh “Fir3truck” Shelton



Kyle Hanson


Paul Neafsey

Tony “ChaingunPope” Wilson

Scott Gable

Elle Therio