FTG Feature Hero Academy Gameguide

FTG GameGuide: Hero Academy (iOS)

Hero Academy has taken FTG by storm and has everyone here enthralled by its strategic gameplay. As with most games, especially from the strategy genre, there’s a bit of a learning curve. FTG is ready to give a complete breakdown of Hero Academy, along with a few tips and pointers that will have you well on your way to you first victory screen.
FTG Side Article Data Jammers Fast Forward

FTG Review: Data Jammers: FastForward

Some games have a great knack for causing extreme aggravation when being played; Data Jammers: Fast Forward is one of those games. Data Jammers is a game where you play a computer program trying to hack into the Military Industrial Complex called the Vaults of Ouroboros. To accomplish this you must, as a computer program, enter the "network behind the network" and destroy The System to shut down the dark powers controlling it.
FTG Side Article Eufloria

FTG Review: Eufloria (PC)

A game built on a simple premise, Eufloria offers a great strategy game in a very simple package. While the game does come with a campaign mode, it’s as elementary as it can get. You play as a race of plant creatures trying to survive in the harshest of environments; space. With constant barrages from other species of plant creatures, the player sets off to repopulate the area using the few remaining members of their race.