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FTG Review: Mega Mall Story

My favorite iOS developer seems to be tossing English translations of their quirky simulation games up to the iTunes store left and right this summer. Their newest game, Mega Mall Story, went live a few weeks ago and promises to deliver much of the same fun that we have seen from its predecessors and is perfectly timed to help everyone kick their Tiny Tower addictions.
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CVP 2.0 Ep 1! (or CVP Ep 51)

Welcome faithful CVP listeners! CVP is back on the air with all new hosts, new format, and hopefully a new brand of fun! Join Silent_H, Mellycat, Nico, and of course myself the man with the most luxuriant hair in the world, DEL!
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FTG Review: Pocket Academy

The makers of Game Dev Story, Kairosoft, have started to translate some more of their simulation games into English. At the beginning of the summer they brought Pocket Academy to the US on the iOS. Does this edition to the Kairosoft lineup live up to the good name the company has earned with Game Dev Story?
Catherine, Atlus

FTG Review: Catherine

Well the wait is finally over, Catherine is out! Atlus finally released their long talked about and drooled over story driven puzzle plat-former, but does it live up to all the hype?

FTG Review: Swords and Soldiers (iPod)

Swords and Soldiers is the new game from Chillingo and developed by Ronimo. It’s available on nearly every platform and bills itself as a side-scrolling strategy game. But what does that mean, and more importantly, is it fun?
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FTG Review: Empire and Allies

Farmville creators Zynga recently came out with a new game that you can use to waste time at work called Empires & Allies. Acting like a spinoff of Cityville, this game seems to be a push to grab the hardcore audience to step into the Facebook gaming realm for more than a retail game tie-in, but will it have enough to hold the core audience's attention?
Infamous 2, Sucker Punch, PS3, Infamous

FTG Review: Infamous 2 (PS3)

Many times, a bad sequel can blemish the series forever (see Devil May Cry 2, Halo 2, etc). Recently though, sequels have been doing exactly what they should be doing in games: improving upon the original without taking away the appeal of the source game. Does inFamous 2 manage to pull off what Assassins Creed 2 did or does it make the mistakes of Bioshock 2?