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Everlove: Rose Review (iOS)

everlove: rose, review, ios, everlove

“I’m playing a romance game made for women,” I said as I walked to the concession counter at the movie theater with my group of friends. It was late, and there weren’t many folks at the counters, but the predominantly male staff either chuckled or made a funny face at ...

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Disgaea D2 Review (PS3)

Disgaea, Disgaea D2, Disgaea Dimension 2, NIS America, Nippon Ichi, RPG, tactical RPG, Pinny, Laharl, Etna, humor

Have you ever had an unsuccessful attempt at becoming the ruler of the Underworld? I know I have. Whenever I think of all the demons I’ve slain that stood in my way and all those innocents I’ve crushed under my boot, I can’t help but wonder why I still never ...

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Memoria Review (PC)

Memoria, Daedalic, The Dark Eye, Geron, Sadja, staff, adventure, puzzle, magic, Nuri

What would you do for the one you loved? Would you fight against the people of your town? Would you consider dancing with the dark knowledge that is magic? Or would you simply do what had to be done in order to help them? In Memoria, the next installment of ...

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Disco 2 / Disco Twin Review (Tech)

Disco, Disco 2, Disco Twin, speaker, bluetooth, epoxy, battery, wiring, design

One thing cell phones and portable music players aren’t known for is quality sound. Companies might be able to stuff some offshoot, overpriced branding on a phone so it has “beats,” but this still results in shoving something smaller than a tweeter into an unsealed plastic case. To top it ...

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Forced Interview with Steffen Kabbelgaard Gronning at PAX Prime 2013

Forced, BetaDwarf, Steffen Kabbelgaard Grønning, arena, gladiator, combat, co-op, PAX, PAX Prime 2013, Penny Arcade Expo

During a chance meeting on the showroom floor at PAx Prime 2013, Jordan was able to speak with Steffen Kabbelgaard Grønning of BetaDwarf about the co-op game Forced. Taking the team play experience to a new level, the game pairs gladiatorial style arena combat in a sports like setting. Steffen ...

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Stinkyboard Interview with Luc Levassuer at PAX Prime 2013

Stinkyboard, Luc Levasseur, footboard, foot controller, testing, destruction, PAX, PAX Prime 2013, Penny Arcade Expo, Stelulu

One of the more impressive PC controllers to come out this year wasn’t one you used with your hands, but one controlled by your feet. Jordan speaks with Luc Levasseur, R&D Operations at Stelulu, during PAX Prime 2013 about the Stinkyboard. As a controller that gives players more options, but ...

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Logitech Gaming Interview with Todd Walker at PAX Prime 2013

Logitech, Logitech Gaming, mice, mouse. mouse pad, PAX, PAX Prime 2013, Penny Arcade Expo, Todd Walker

During the second to last day at PAX Prime 2013, Jordan was able to swing by the Logitech Gaming booth to speak with Todd Walker, Senior Brand Manager. about their recent releases in the mice and mouse pads for the gaming enthusiast. Todd and Jordan talk together about the incredible ...

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Contraption Maker Interview with Tim Aste at PAX Prime 2013

Contraption Maker, Incredible Machine, Rube Goldberg, Spotkin, puzzle, Tim Aste

At the end of Sunday at PAX Prime 2013, Jordan stopped to have a chat with Tim Aste, Art Director and Co-Founder of Spotkin, about their game Contraption Maker. For those that may have not heard of the game, you might have heard of its predecessor The Incredible Machine. Taking ...

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Beatbuddy Interview with Wolf Lang at PAX Prime 2013

Beatbuddy, Wolf Lang, Threaks, platformer, music, rhythm, gravity, PAX, PAX Prime 2013, Penny Arcade Expo

Finding some free time on the third day of PAX Prime, Jordan was able to stop by the Beatbuddy booth to speak with Wolf Lang of Threaks about the game. Mixing the idea of a gravity free platform title that is blended with progressing through a rhythm based sound scape, ...

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Extraction Interview with Alastair Cornish and Chris Gyselinck at PAX Prime 2013

Extraction, Splash Damage, Nexon, FPS, free to play, shooter, Brink, action, teamwork, Alastair Cornish, Chris Gyselinck

If there was one game that Jordan left PAX Prime 2013 feeling thrilled about this year, it was Extraction. The formerly titled Dirty Bomb, has had some life breathed into it after Splash Damage paired up with Nexon to bring this free to play shooter into the limelight. After getting ...

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