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Character Development: Making Games Better or Worse

Metroid Fusion screencrop

With the recent advancement of facial animation technology and the not-so-recent addition of voice acting, character development has become an important part of what shapes modern games. However, just because facial animation and voice overs are commonplace doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what automatically constitutes a fully defined character development cycle. ...

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Microsoft Press Conference: Xbox, Don’t Go Home Just Yet (E3 2013)

Xbox One logo

After their disappointingly ungamer-centric Xbox One reveal, Microsoft really had to pick up the slack here at E3 and promised us it would be all about the games, and boy did they ever deliver. The conference opened up with Hideo Kojima introducing a gameplay segment for Metal Gear Solid V: ...

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Badland: Review (iOS)

Badland square

Badland is a nifty iOS title developed by Frogmind. It’s based on the concept of games like Copter, where tapping and holding the screen moves your character up, and letting go causes their descent. Badland adds a few more elements into the mix to vary the gameplay, and it’s a ...

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Iron Man 3: Review (Movie)

Iron Man 3 square

STORY Iron Man 3 follows Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr. (The Avengers, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Due Date), and his suits of splendour coping with the aftermath of The Avengers. After the alien attack in New York, Stark hasn’t been able to sleep, spending restless nights ...

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Oblivion: Review (Movie)

Oblivion square

STORY Oblivion takes place on a ravaged Earth in 2070 after humanitys long war against the Scavs. We won the war but the Earth is so desecrated by nuclear fallout that it’s almost uninhabitable so we’ve had to relocate to Titan, Saturn’s biggest moon. To get energy for survival, there ...

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Legacy of a Thousand Suns: Review (iOS)

LoTS square

Legacy of A Thousand Suns is a strategy game by 5th Planet Games and Zattikka that started life as a web-based title and has now migrated to the mobile world of iOS. Even though I haven’t played the browser version, I do have to say that Legacy of A Thousand ...

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Battlefield 4 Shows Off 17 Minutes of New Campaign Gameplay

Battlefield 4 Screenshot

EA and DICE have shown off 17 minutes of new Battlefield 4 footage in a new gameplay video and holy shit does it look good. The gameplay is shown running off a high end PC but that doesn’t diminish the fact that their new Frostbite 3 engine is a pretty ...

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Supergiant Games announces their new game: Transistor


Supergiant Games, creators of the action/RPG Bastion (which I reviewed for FTG), have recently announced the next project they’re working on complete with a video trailer: Transistor. As with Bastion, Transistor seems to be an isometric action/RPG but unlike Bastion, the trailer showed us side-scrolling 2D platforming segments as well. ...

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Welcome to the Punch: Review (Movie)

welcome to the punch square

STORY Welcome to the Punch follows detective Max Lewinsky, played by James McAvoy (Arthur Christmas, X-Men: First Class, Gnomeo & Juliet), who’s after notorious underworld criminal Jacob Sternwood, played by Mark Strong (Zero Dark Thirty, John Carter, Black Gold). Max is a determined, head strong man who’ll do anything to ...

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Oz The Great and Powerful: Review (Movie)

Oz square

STORY Oscar Diggs, played by James Franco (Lovelace, The Letter, Spring Breakers), is a less-than-humble traveling-circus magician and after performing in Kansas a tornado sweeps him away into the magical land of Oz where he discovers a world unlike anything he’s ever seen before. Sound familiar? Well Oz The Great ...

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