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Zone of the Enders HD Collection Review (PS3)

Zone of the Enders HD Collection

Back in the PS2 era, while Hideo Kojima was still being praised for the classic Metal Gear Solid and gamers were waiting with bated breath for the sequel, Kojima and Konami released a different title. Zone of the Enders and its sequel 2nd Runner didn’t make quite the splash that the Metal Gear games ...

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Pool Nation Review (XBLA)

Pool Nation

Pool Nation was a bit of a surprise to say the least, both in its release and its appeal. As much as I love pool, I never expected it to translate so well into video game form. We’ve all played our fair share of computer billiards games, but Pool Nation ...

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Disney Aquires George Lucas’s Star Wars Franchise

Disney Star Wars

  Is Disney an all devouring monster? Possibly. You may remember the company’s acquisition of the major comic company Marvel a few years back. Well they are at it again; this time Disney bought up Lucasfilm LTD, George Lucas’s parent company which is comprised of all of its subsidiaries such ...

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Need for Speed: Most Wanted Launch Trailer

Need for Speed Most Wanted

Need for Speed has always been a very prominent series in the racing genre of video games. While they have been through rough patches in the past, lately they have been burning some quality rubber (PUN!!) with their latest titles. Now, the newest game in the series, Need for Speed: ...

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Assassin’s Creed III Launch Trailer is Finally Here!

Assassin's Creed 3 Logo

It is time. You’ve been waiting for it and it has finally come. Ubisoft has released Assassin’s Creed III‘s official launch trailer, which means that Assassin’s Creed III is officially here! The trailer itself is narrated by someone who it seems is discussing with Conner why he fights. It shows ...

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MechWarrior Online Open Beta Goes Live Today

MechWarrior Online

The MechWarrior series has been around for quite a long time, since the first MechWarrior back in 1989. Finally, after a few years with no appearance from the series, the universe of BattleTech is finally ready to grace the video game landscape once more with the upcoming MechWarrior Online. Infinite Game Publishing and Piranha ...

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Classics: Six Titles from this Gen Sure to Make it

Classics Editorial thumbnail

  “Classics” is a strong category in any medium. It calls to mind unforgettable films that broke new ground and tattooed their images on your memory; unskippable songs that make you remember specific moments and the feelings attached to them; timeless, bound stories that can last for decades or far ...

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Liberation: Aveline’s Story Trailer Details


If you’re like us here at Front Towards Gamer, then you are super excited not only for Assassin’s Creed III, but also for the PS Vita tie-in game Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation. Also like us, you are probably really curious about how Liberation ties in with the main entry in the series ...

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Hotline Miami is Out Today

Hotline Miami screen 5

Are you looking for some bloody, ultra-violent action in the streets of Miami? If so, then the recently released Hotline Miami is just the game for you. Set in the mean streets of Miami in the 1980s, Hotline Miami puts you in the shoes of a normal person thrust into something dark ...

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PlayStation All-Stars Gets Live Action Trailer

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale thumb

Remember that mysterious trailer Sony released recently that didn’t look like it would have much to do with PlayStation All-Stars, Sony’s upcoming Smash Bros. clone? Guess what? It was a trailer for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. How, you ask? Well, turns out, PlayStation All-Stars now has a live action trailer ...

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