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GOBBLE GOBBLE III: Supporting Marine Air Support Support…Support

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Is that too many “supports”? Okay, it’s called “calling in air support” when that pinned down team of Navy Seals radios in a pair of Cobra gunship to tear up the bad guys. So the folks supporting the “Air support”, that makes the the “Air support support”? Sure, let’s go with that. ...

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Salt and Sanctuary, Ska Studios: Front Towards Gamer Radio 251

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The first Front Towards Gamer Radio interview in over a year, and we kick off 2015 with a doozy! Do you like Dark Souls? Well, what about a stylized, 2D Dark Souls? Well, look no further, because James and Michelle Silva, the two-headed juggernaut that makes up Ska Studios, has ...

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GOBBLE GOBBLE IV: A Little Holiday OOORAH For the Marines


A large brunt of our supply drop requests come from the Army (through no fault of our own). So when we get a drop request from a Marine, we hop to and make sure we get them the hook up with a quickness. Like Paul’s request here; a hell of ...

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Front Towards Gamer Radio 250: They All Oink in the End

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The big “TWO-FIVE-ZERO” and fortunately, the whole gang shows up for the momentous occasion! Four and a half years of podcasting later, and I feel the three of us deserve medals (hence the picture this week!). Anyway, for the big show, Gigi continues to duck The Walking Dead in lieu ...

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GOBBLE GOBBLE I: Flying Doctors with Machine Guns?


  The holidays were amazing for Operation Supply Drop, and we were more than happy to pass on some of that Christmas cheer onto the men and women serving abroad overseas during the festivities! Daniel is the non-commissioned officer in charge of a MEDEVAC crew in Afghanistan and was asking ...

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Front Towards Gamer Radio 249: The Big One Minus One and Then Minus One


Quinn and Shanghai two man the show this week as Gigi claims she’s helping sick zombies in Zimbabwe during recording time, so the two make a go of it talking about the new year. Shanghai continues his drive through Dragon Age Inquisition on Nightmare difficulty (surprise, it’s no joke) and ...

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Front Towards Gamer Radio 248: Good News Everyone, We’re All Dead


Well, you bastards, you really went and did it this time. All Shanghai Six wanted was a single iTunes review for the holidays to show co-host and Miss Know-it-All Gigi that someone among the hundreds of listeners we get a week could prove that you actually exist. To prove to ...

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CANDY CORN III: Helping out a Brand New Team!


We get a lot of requests for supply drops, but not from freshly minted units! A brand new route clearance company was created to deal with the number of route clearances across Afghanistan, and we wanted to make sure we helped them out! What is “route clearance”? Well, usually consists ...

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Front Towards Gamer Radio 247: Fancy Cheese Cast

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ATTENTION: Front Towards Gamer Radio fans, we need your help! Show host Gigi doesn’t believe that anyone is listening to the show, and we need to prove it to her that you are! She thinks that we can’t get a SINGLE five-star iTunes review for Front Towards Gamer Radio by the ...

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Games of the Year: Shanghai’s Top Six (BOOYAH)

South Park Machuga

Editor’s Note: This year we’re taking a different approach to naming Front Towards Gamer’s Game of the Year. Instead of partaking in heated debates and fiery arguments on what deserves top billing, we’ll take a cue from the Greeks. Each staff member prepares their Top Six, or top two, games ...

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