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Call of Duty: Black Ops III Given a Cryptic Teaser

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Call of Duty: Solaris? World at War II? Bah, of course not. Call of Duty 2015 – if popular CoD YouTuber TmarTn is anything to go by — is Black Ops III. There’s not much to go by in the trailer, but there’s a few quotes that dot the trailer that might hint to the theme ...

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Borderlands’ Best: The Top 6 Side-Missions in Borderlands 2


Despite the first Borderlands being a bit thin when it comes to creative side-missions, Borderlands 2 is the polar opposite: it’s overflowing with weird and bizarre side-missions to take care of, ranging from stealing a chest full of centerfolds from the back of a gigantic, crystalline boss to optional objectives, like turning away and ...

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Borderlands’ Best: The Top 6 Side-Missions in Borderlands


Hey, kiddos, do you want a week-long series of Borderlands “Top 6″ lists? Of course you do, strangely discussion-prone reader. I’ve been in talks with another resident Borderlands fan on our staff who really liked the idea of going over the series’ strongest side-missions, game-by-game. Part of this is to “celebrate” the release of Borderlands: ...

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Tales from the Borderlands Episode 2: Atlas Mugged Review (PC)

tales from the borderlands

There Will be Spoilers Would you look at that? Four months later, Tales from the Borderlands is back to remind us that it still exists. Telltale’s on a snail’s pace with their release schedule (to the surprise of nobody), but it’s paid off with their Pandoran-faring adventure’s second episode — ...

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Warframe’s Chroma: A Guide to the Ancient Dragon


It’s All Sunshine & Dragon Rainbows Chroma’s what you get when you take a game (in this case, Warframe, of course) with extensive color palette customization and say, “let’s make this into a game mechanic.” In short, he’s a big ‘ol mean Warframe with dragon aesthetics that’s good at playing ...

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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Review (PC)

Hotline Miami 2

I Liked Hurting People One thing that made the first Hotline Miami so fun was that it was an exciting action game the likes of which I had never been done before. I’d walk into a level, put on a mask, and tear the guards to shreds with a variety ...

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Moonrise Hands-On Preview (PAX East 2015)


  A cup of Pokemon, a dash of Final Fantasy IV, and a few generous applications of original material, Moonrise wears its inspirations proudly. Undead Labs has brought the ever-popular monster battling RPG formula to iOS and Steam, complete with all sorts of cute (and cool) critters that you can ...

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Gigantic Hands-On Preview (PAX East 2015)


This hands-on preview is, well, not so much “big” or “a big” hands-on preview as much as it is a preview of a game called “Gigantic“. Of course, if you were directed here through the main page of the site, you probably already knew that. Needless to say, you’re probably ...

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Overwatch Hands-On Preview (PAX East 2015)


Blizzard’s cooking up some competition for Valve, it seems! As soon as I got on the show floor today at PAX East, I scurried for the Blizzard booth to get in a match of their new class-based FPS, Overwatch. At first glance, Overwatch is kinda like a MOBA; twelve classes ...

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Review (3DS)

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Kill Exotic Wildlife and Wear It Like Pants “I’m gonna try and get to high ground!” I’m climbing up a rock face while my friends take on Gore Magala — a massive black dragon that can spew viral infection — and position myself directly over the massive beast. Leaping off ...

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