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Magnetic: Case Closed: First 30 Minutes

Magnetic: Case Closed, Magnetic, Guru Games, The Guru Games, YouTube, Indie Games, Indie, Video Games, Steam, PC, First-person, FPS, First-person platformer, platformer,

The Guru Games has a brand new first-person platformer Magnetic: Case Closed launching May 26th, 2015, and we have the first 30 minutes of it here.

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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R Headbangs on Steam

GGXXAC+R Steam (1)

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R Headbanging onto Steam May 26th!

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Toren Review (PC)

Toren, Swordtales, Versus Evil, Indie Games, Indie Gaming, Steam, PC, PS4, PSN, ICO,

Toren is all about exploration, puzzle solving, and understanding the how and why of one's existence. But it's all been done better.

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Rogue Invader – The World’s First 1-Bit Shooter Lands on PC & Mac

Rogue Invader, Squishy Games, Indie Games, Indie Gaming, Indie DB, Steam, Steam Greenlight, PC, MAC.

This summer prepare to experience the world's first 1-bit pixelated roguelike shooter from Squishy Games!

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Toren: First 30 Minutes

Toren, Toren Game, Versus Evil, Swordtales, video,indie games, indie gaming, youtube, ICO,

If you're not immediately in awe of Toren's enrapturing beauty, check your pulse, you may need to be resuscitated.

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Vertiginous Golf Multiplayer Preview

Vertiginous Golf, Golf, putt-putt,mini golf, Surprise attack games, Kinelco, Lone Elk Creative, Youtube, video,preview, video preview,

Vertiginous Golf has teed off on Humble and Steam, so assoc. editor Curtis Stone sat down with the reviewer to get some online multiplayer action in.

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Watch This! DLC Light Fall

Watch This! DLC, Watch This!, Light Fall, Bishop Games, videos, indie, previews, preview build,

Light Fall has the light fall upon it in this new Watch This! DLC video showcasing the latest preview build from Bishop Games.

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Watch This! DLC Dimension Drive [Preview Build]

Watch This! DLC, Watch This!, Dimension Drive, 2Awesome Studios, Indie, previews, videos,

Watch This! DLC takes to the galactic SHMUP genre for 2Awesome Studio's Dimension Drive on PC.

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Watch This! DLC Jotun [ALPHA]

Watch This! DLC,Watch This!, Watch This DLC, Jotun, Thunder Lotus Games, Thunder Lotus, Shadow of the Colossus, PC, Steam, Alpha,

Watch This! DLC has gotten access to Thunder Lotus Games' Jotun alpha, so we do what we do best: DIE FOR VALHALLA!

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Watch This! DLC Guns, Gore & Cannoli

Claeys Brothers, Crazy Monskey Studio, Gore & Cannoli, guns, PC., Steam, VAF Game

Watch This! DLC have returned, and they're cleaning up the zombie-ridden streets in Guns, Gore & Cannoli

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