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Bloodborne Guide: How to Defeat the Celestial Emissary

Bloodborne Celestial Emissary

Its time to face off against the Celestial Emissary. This fight is a little unusual. Similar to the Royal Rat Vanguard of Dark Souls 2 we’re trying to hunt the boss who is almost identical to all the other enemies on screen. Try to group them all together then switch ...

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Bloodborne Guide: Where to find Blood Rock

Bloodborne Blood Rock

So you want to upgrade your weapon to +10 but can’t find a Blood Rock? If you have access to Margo’s loft middle and have unlocked the elevator short cuts you can grab a Blood Rock right away. See the exact location and how to get there in this video.

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Bloodborne Guide: How to Defeat the Shadows of Yarhnam

Bloodborne Shadows of Yarnham

Deep at the end of the forbidden forest, you’ll find the Shadows of Yarnham. Here, you’ll face not one boss but three. A team of wraiths face you with killing you as their sole purpose. The first: a Pyromancer capable of throwing three fireballs in a crows feet pattern and one ...

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Bloodborne Guide: How to Defeat Vicar Amelia

Bloodborne Vicar Amelia

It seems someone is having a really bad day. This fight is similar to the Cleric Beast in that she attacks mainly with punches and lunges. What you want to do is dodge the punches get around her back and attack. You’ll only have time for one or two hits, ...

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Bloodborne Guide: Easy Blood Echoes


How to gain over 11,000 blood echoes in Bloodborne under two minutes: You must have found the Lecture building area (that’s the first area on the fourth tombstone) and have used the lecture theater key. Head over to the lecture theater, agro the nearest enemy, and get them to chase ...

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Bloodborne Guide: How to Defeat the Witch of Hemwick

Bloodborne Witch

Today we’re on a good ol’ fashioned witch hunt. This boss fight isn’t too hard but a little confusing at first. See the witch is actually invisible and there’s actually two witches. The creature you see at first is her minion. Take care of it then look for a red ...

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Bloodborne Guide: Leveling Up, Insight, and The Hunter’s Dream


So, you’ve decided to jump into Bloodborne. Whether this is your first foray into the Souls-style games, or you’re a weary veteran, some of the more obtuse things about Bloodborne is leveling your character and upgrading your gear. You’ve made it through the first area, racked up a fair number of souls blood echoes, and ...

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Bloodborne Guide: How to Defeat the Blood-Starved Beast

Blood starved beast

How to beat the Blood-starved beast in Bloodborne. Recommended blood level: 24 You are going to need to take plenty antidotes, blood vials, and bullets. This boss fight is all about counter attacking him and getting visceral attacks. Once you learn his attack patterns and timing, it should be easy. Take all ...

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Bloodborne Guide: How to Defeat Father Gascoigne

Bloodborne Father Gascoigne

So you’ve beat the first boss and are feeling pretty good about yourself? Are you ready to take on a fellow hunter? Father Gascoigne takes three forms: First, he uses a firearm and axe; for this form, use a firearm and melee weapon. Wait until he’s about to attack then ...

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Bloodborne Guide: How to Defeat The Cleric Beast


Woe to you, fresh Hunters, Bloodborne is upon us. The first few hours of the game can be overwhelming, and you may have foudn yourself hitting a wall or two on your hunt through Yarnham. But fear not; FTG has assembled a crack team to guide your through some of ...

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