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Attack on Titan: Titan Attacking Gameplay

Attack on Titan, Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains, Atlus, Atlus USA, anime, manga,

Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains has shown us how we'll die, so let's look at the humans winning for once, eh?

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EA Ending Some Free-To-Play Games


Electronic Arts has announced that it will be ending support for four of its free-to-play titles in 90 days. Before you freak out, Star Wars: The Old Republic is not included. The announcement comes from EA‘s executive vice president Patrick Söderland in a news update on EA.com. Games that will be ...

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Attack on Titan: You Will Die, Here’s How

Attack on Titan, Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains, Atlus, Atlus USA, anime, manga,

Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains will arrive on 3DS this spring, so here's a taste of how it looks when the Titans feast on you.

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Etherium Review (PC)


Etherium is a Real Time Strategy game where you’re fighting for survival and dominance over the energy source etherium. Playing as one of three factions, you will establish bases, build units, and interact with neutral factions that will attack anyone on the battlefield. Choosing between the Consortium, Vectides, or Intari’s ...

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Borderlands’ Best: The Top 6 Side-Missions in Borderlands 2


Despite the first Borderlands being a bit thin when it comes to creative side-missions, Borderlands 2 is the polar opposite: it’s overflowing with weird and bizarre side-missions to take care of, ranging from stealing a chest full of centerfolds from the back of a gigantic, crystalline boss to optional objectives, like turning away and ...

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Early Access Weekly #2 Prison Architect and Reign of Kings

Prison Architect Title

This week’s Early Access Weekly (March 22nd to 29th) sees very small changes mostly; the most exciting change is Prison Architect‘s newest additions! Reign of Kings also enters its 8th Alpha iteration, and a whole bunch of updates for Tango Fiesta, H1Z1, Darkest Dungeon and Nuclear Throne, so take a look! ...

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Timber and Stone Finally On Steam Greenlight

timber and stone proper

Timber and Stone, a voxel-based city-builder / building sim that I’ve been in love with for over a year, has finally been posted to Steam Greenlight. Originally funded on Kickstarter almost two years ago, Timber and Stone has been in a constant state of development since then. Developed by a small team ...

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Bioware Releases First Story Based Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC


More Dragon Age for you and me is always a good thing. For a long time, it seemed like the folks over at Bioware were going to just release Multiplayer DLC over-and-over again, but the Montreal based developer just released their first story-based DLC on both PC and Xbox One. ...

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Warframe’s Chroma: A Guide to the Ancient Dragon


It’s All Sunshine & Dragon Rainbows Chroma’s what you get when you take a game (in this case, Warframe, of course) with extensive color palette customization and say, “let’s make this into a game mechanic.” In short, he’s a big ‘ol mean Warframe with dragon aesthetics that’s good at playing ...

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Titanfall Season Pass Released For Free


Titanfall season pass has been released for free in celebration of its one year anniversary.  Accessible through Origin on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC, players can pick up the entirety of the season pass. You can even add it to your account now and play it later without having to buy ...

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