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Total War: Attila Review (PC)

total war atilla

Total War: Attila is the newest edition in the long running Total War series, this time taking the setting to the migration period of Europe from 390-450 AD. With the entire game centered around the inevitability of the Hunnic invasions from the east, Total War: Attila manages to cultivate a much ...

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Medieval 2: Total War The Elder Scrolls Mod Released

medieval 2 total war

Medieval 2: Total War, now almost 9 years old, has been modded to change the world to The Elder Scrolls world of Tamriel. In this complete overhaul mod, players can play as the multitude of factions that exist in Tamriel. The sheer scope of this mod is fascinating, featuring every ...

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Cities: Skylines Release Trailer

cities skylines

Cities: Skylines has released a full trailer for their official announcement. The game will be a beautiful looking city-builder being developed by Colossal Orde and published by Paradox Interactive. The trailer looks absolutely fantastic, with gorgeous effects and terrain, as well as incredibly intuitive controls for city construction. Marketed somewhat ...

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 Developers Release All Assests

euro truck simluator

Euro Truck Simulator 2 developers have released the assets to their game. This gives modders complete and total access to the game’s code, allowing truly in depth mods. It is rare to see game companies opening up their source code to the community, as it opens their game up to ...

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Total War: Attila Longbeards Culture DLC

total war atilla

Total War: Attila has been out for two weeks, and has just unveiled its second piece of DLC. This DLC allows the Langobards, the Burgundians and the Alamans to become player-controlled factions. The most baffling part of this DLC is that alls it does is make factions that already exist in the ...

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Civilization: Beyond Earth Winter Update


Civilization: Beyond Earth has been finally updated majorly for the first time since its release. Fireaxis Games have released a patch list, detailing all of the change and bug fixes going into Beyond Earth. The game was quite famously panned at release, due to a complete lack of attention to ...

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Final Fantasy: Record Keeper Loads Up in the Spring

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Final Fantasy: Record Keeper is coming stateside, and is ready to derez your favorite Final Fantasy memories.

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GTA V PC Delayed Once Again

grand theft auto v, gta v, gta 5, rockstar, review

GTA V‘s PC release has once again been delayed until April 14th. This delay is the send in six weeks, pushing the date further and further back. According to the official statement “a bit more time is needed to ensure that the game is as polished as possible”. At this ...

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Crowfall: If Game of Thrones and EVE Online Had a Baby.

crowfall, mmo, online, kickstarter

With the closure of Sony Online Entertainment, there’s little to no hope that Everquest Next will ever see the light of day. Enter the guys who made some of the best MMO’s of the past generation and their promising new project that—if it lives up to its promises—will be like ...

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League of Legends Controversry Over SpectateFaker

leauge of legends

League of Legends is experiencing some controversy at the moment as a result of an independent person streaming Faker’s games. A player is using the in-client streaming platform to spectate Faker’s games, then streaming his viewing of them. Both Azubu, the streaming platform that Faker is contracted to, and Riot ...

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