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Project Root Preview (Xbox One)

Project Root Cover

It’s games like Project Root that hearken me back to when shoot-em-ups (shmups) dominated the shooter genre. Text-based narratives layered within a fun and challenging obstacle course of enemy gunfire were commonplace, but have since fell to the wayside to make room for the powerhouse first-person shooters that exist today. Shmups ...

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Attack on Titan: Titan Attacking Gameplay

Attack on Titan, Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains, Atlus, Atlus USA, anime, manga,

Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains has shown us how we'll die, so let's look at the humans winning for once, eh?

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EA Ending Some Free-To-Play Games


Electronic Arts has announced that it will be ending support for four of its free-to-play titles in 90 days. Before you freak out, Star Wars: The Old Republic is not included. The announcement comes from EA‘s executive vice president Patrick Söderland in a news update on EA.com. Games that will be ...

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Attack on Titan: You Will Die, Here’s How

Attack on Titan, Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains, Atlus, Atlus USA, anime, manga,

Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains will arrive on 3DS this spring, so here's a taste of how it looks when the Titans feast on you.

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Early Access Weekly #3 I Am Bread, Reign of Kings and H1N1

I Am Bread

This week’s Early Access Weekly (April 4th to 12th) sees the full release of I Am Bread, as well some nice and exciting updates to H1N1 and Reign of Kings. Alongside that, the usual bunch of bug fixes and balance changes for Secret Ponchos, 7 Days to Die, Nuclear Throne, Battle of Empires and ...

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Call of Duty: Black Ops III Given a Cryptic Teaser

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Call of Duty: Solaris? World at War II? Bah, of course not. Call of Duty 2015 – if popular CoD YouTuber TmarTn is anything to go by — is Black Ops III. There’s not much to go by in the trailer, but there’s a few quotes that dot the trailer that might hint to the theme ...

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Luckslinger Preview (PC)


Written by Contributor Matt Hodson  Sitting with $40 in my pocket, I hope my luck doesn’t give out again. If it does, I reckon I’m done, down and out; however, I’m not at the local casino. I’m in the hip-hop spaghetti western called Luckslinger. You play  as Luckslinger, the rootin’, tootin’, six-shootin’ cowboy in ...

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Insurgency (PC) Giveaway!

insurgency,insurgency interview,new world interactive,andrew spearin,nwi,ftg,early access

Ready your anticipation thrusters, because Front Towards Gamer has some free games to give away! This time around we’ve got Insurgency, the best PC shooter that NOBODY talks about. TEN codes ready for your Steam accounts. I’m not kidding, folks. If you’re into a more realistic slant to your first-person shooting, ...

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Etherium Review (PC)


Etherium is a Real Time Strategy game where you’re fighting for survival and dominance over the energy source etherium. Playing as one of three factions, you will establish bases, build units, and interact with neutral factions that will attack anyone on the battlefield. Choosing between the Consortium, Vectides, or Intari’s ...

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Borderlands’ Best: The Top 6 Side-Missions in Borderlands 2


Despite the first Borderlands being a bit thin when it comes to creative side-missions, Borderlands 2 is the polar opposite: it’s overflowing with weird and bizarre side-missions to take care of, ranging from stealing a chest full of centerfolds from the back of a gigantic, crystalline boss to optional objectives, like turning away and ...

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