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Metroid Prime: Trilogy Hits Wii U eShop Today


Nintendo’s continued string of Wii games hitting the Wii U eShop hits its apex with Metroid Prime: Trilogy. As was the case for Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Punch-Out, the game will be $10 for the first week of its release before reaching the normal price of $20. Metroid Prime: ...

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Kerbal Space Program Leaving Early Acess

kerbal space program

Kerbal Space Program will leave Early Access during its next update sometime in the next month.  Although the delightful space/ rocket / blow stuff up sim only went into beta one month ago, Kerbal Space Program will soon full release, something that has been hoped for by fans of the ...

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eSports Report: Week Of January 21-28

eSports Report

This week in the eSports Report has some controversy along with the start of a very popular eSport. Read on for the latest news in the esports community. First off, we have some results in the Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare season. Here are this weekend’s match results: -Optic won ...

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Grim Fandango: Remastered (PS4/Vita) Giveaway!

Grim Fandango

Sound the alarms. It looks like Front Towards Gamer is dumping out some codes! That’s right, not just any codes, codes to the hottest releases! Well, in this case, THE hottest game in January. Enter the tantalizing and thrilling tales of Manny Calavera in Grim Fandango: Remastered. The point-and-click comedy touched up to scratch that nostalgia itch ...

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Destiny: Fan-Made Timeline Puts Lore into Perspective


One of the largest complaints against Destiny has been its utter lack of in game lore.  The Grimoire cards you obtain in game force you to go to bungie.net to actually read what information is on the cards.  Even worse, the cards are structured by category which forces you to ...

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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel DLC Character Aurelia the Baroness Launches Jan. 27th


I wouldn’t say that a lack of Sir Hammerlock was distressing in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. I never thought his character was terribly exciting, but he was an amusing character in a cast of snowflakes. Starting January 27th, his sister Aurelia (otherwise known as “Lady Hammerlock”) the Baroness will be joining ...

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Xbox App showcased in Windows 10 Technical Preview

windows 10

Xbox App is included in the newest addition of Windows, according to a technical preview. The main feature of this seems to be support in the app for high resolution gaming, as well as keyboard and mouse support. This means that players will be able to play their favourite Xbox ...

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Dying Light Launching on SteamOS/Linux Alongside Windows

dying light,infinite money exploit,duplicate weapons exploit,dying light guide,money guide,ftg,techland,front towards gamer

Not much to say about this one: if you’ve got a rig running a Linux kernel-based OS that can run Steam, you’ve got Techland’s zombie-loaded free-runner in your near future. Dying Light launches on Windows, Linux, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on January 27th. Source

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Destiny: What the Abyss Section of Crota’s End Looks Like with the Lights On


  Have you been playing the Crota’s End raid in Destiny since it was release back in December?  If so then you know that the section where you must Traverse the Abyss is very dark.  Have you ever wondered what that section would look like if the lights were on? ...

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Destiny: Watch the First Team to Beat Crota’s End on Hard Mode


Out of all the streamers and Youtubers shooting to be worlds first at the hard mode of Destiny‘s Crota’s End raid, it was an unknown Destiny Clan by the name of One and Done that accomplished the feat in just 27 minutes.  As Bungie put it in their weekly update “They’re ...

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