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Deathlok #6 Review


Deathlok is a name you might recognize from that one time he was on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. awhile back; a cameo appearance that earned him his own comic as part of the Marvel Now initiative. Given that Deathlok’s appearance on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was insubstantial, he hasn’t appeared since then. I’m assuming most of you have never ...

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Jem and the Holograms #1 Review (Comics)


Jem and the Holograms occupies a strange spot on the pop cultural totem pole. In case you aren’t familiar with the ‘80s cartoon, well, don’t worry too much. This comic writes and assumes your ignorance with Jem and her accompanying holograms. What I mean by the strangeness of Jem’s place in the ...

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The Flash: Rogue Time Review (TV/Comics)


Hey, two steps forward one step back right? This week’s episode of The Flash is a direct follow-up to last week’s ‘Out of Time,’ which means this review will contain mild spoilers. At the end of that episode, the Flash managed to run so incredibly fast that he traversed time itself and got shot ...

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iZombie: Brother, Can You Spare A Brain? Review (TV/Comics)


iZombie is a TV show based on a comic book which is why I’m reviewing it. On the show, Liv is a zombie; there was truth in the advertising in this case. The rules of zombie in this universe dictate she consume human brains to survive, and that if she doesn’t eat brains ...

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The Fly: Outbreak #1 Review


The Fly is one of those movies everyone is at least passively familiar with understanding. Despite not seeing the film, chances are you can identify the famous monster and have experienced the plot parodied on countless cartoons. If you’ve ever seen a show or comic feature a guy with a human ...

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Frankenstein Underground #1 Review


Seems like there’s been a lot of Frankenstein on my plate lately. This week’s installment comes to us courtesy of Mike Mignola, creator of Hellboy and a vast universe of comics reviewed by Front Towards Gamer too many times to link to them all. Mignola’s had his ups and downs over the years with his work ...

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The Flash: Out Of Time Review (TV/Comics)


Now that is how you come back from a hiatus. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of why this episode of The Flash is so awesome. The Flash is about Barry Allen, a forensic scientist who is caught in a science blast that gives him super speed. With the aid ...

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iZombie Pilot Review (TV/Comics)

iZombie feature

Did you know iZombie was based on a comic book? Well, you do now, though the giveaway was in the title of this review; however, I’m using the term “based on” pretty lightly. The show shares similar ideas and elements with the comic series, and it’s gone through some major changes as well. I’m ...

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Howard The Duck #1 Review (Comics)


The story of Howard The Duck is one steeped in copyright law, weird trends, and bygone eras. The condensed version is that Howard was a very successful adult comedy comic in the ‘70s. Back then, adult-oriented comics and animation made a lot of headway, as was duck comedy. Created by Steve Gerber, Howard The Duck is pretty much exactly ...

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Spider-Gwen #2 Review (Comics)


Spider-Gwen is an alternate universe comic, not all that much of a rarity for Marvel given their hit line of Ultimate comics. This parallel reality is a world where Gwen Stacey, one-time Spider-Man girlfriend, was the one who gained spider powers and Peter Parker became the Lizard. Spider-Gwen was originally introduced as a one-off ...

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