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The Flash: The Sound And The Fury Review (TV/Comics)


Something nice about reviewing episodic mediums is you get the chance to observe the stories, style change ,and evolution over time. With television, there’s an added element of elasticity to that change, specifically a show can shift directions based on the success of a few select episodes. That’s what seems ...

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Gotham: Welcome Back, Jim Gordon Review (TV/Comics)


For the second week in a row, Gotham was a complete surprise to me. Only this week it’s a far less pleasant surprise. Those of you new to Fox’s Batman prequel show, Gotham is the story of the eponymous Gotham City in the days immediately after the murder of Thomas and Martha ...

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Constantine: Quid Pro Quo Review (TV/Comics)


One of the more mercurial aspects of Constantine is its connection to its DC comic’s source material. Other shows like Gotham, The Flash, or Agent Carter all tend to revel in their comic book connection, but with Constantine it’s easy to go through the entire series without ever knowing that ...

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Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues #1 Review (Comics)


Galaxy Quest was a 1999 sci-fi comedy intended to spoof the Star Trek franchise, (which had begun to wane in popularity at the end of the decade.) The story of the film acts if an alien race who believe the show is real and kidnap the actors to try and help ...

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Snake Eyes: Agent of Cobra #1 Review (Comics)


The time has finally come. You can only be a comic reviewer for so long without having to address some major elements of the comic book world and today that element is the abyssal and byzantine world of toy tie-in comics. A sub-genre so rich in its confusing complexities and ...

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Burning Fields #1 Review (Comics)


If you’ve ever read my reviews of comics like Southern Bastards or Nailbiter you know that I hold a particular fondness for sleazy, trashy, grim and nasty crime stories. Where that comes from for me at least is those stories are usually the closest non-genre stories come to embracing the ...

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Millennium #1 Review (Comics)


I am a massive fan of the TV show Millennium. Chris Carter, the man who gave us The X-Files, created the series to showcase pseudo-psychic abilities mixed with detecting. Frank Black, played by Lance Henriksen, is the FBI psychological profiler with the power to inhabit the mind of the most deranged killers out there.  Said ...

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The Flash: Revenge of the Rogues Review (TV/Comics)


Long-time readers know CW’s Arrow spin-off The Flash can cause some complicated relationships. Of all the shows I’ve reviewed here, The Flash easily stands as the one fluctuating my opinion the most; from absolute hatred, to general apathy, to really liking the show by the time the fall finale came around. As such, I’ve actually ...

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Gotham: What The Little Bird Told Him Review (TV/Comics)


I did not see this episode coming. I mean, I saw the trailers for it, the trailers looked pretty good, but I didn’t realize how much great stuff packs in this 45-minute episode. Trust me on this one. This is the best Gotham episode since Viper. For those of you who came ...

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Mortal Kombat X #3 Review (Comics)


From the viewpoint of an outsider, Mortal Kombat is a really weird series to be as big as it is. As far as I can tell, the series revolves around some weird confluence of Asian Gods and ninja clans with big G.I. Joe-esque military adventure elements (world police and massive secret organizations). ...

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