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SOMA: Devs Behind Amnesia Share New Screenshot


Remember SOMA? That new sci-fi horror game the developers behind Amnesia: The Dark Descent were working on? Yeah, I totally forgot all about it, as well, until the horror-masterminds posted a new screenshot on their Twitter page. For those of you who didn’t even know that the geniuses were working ...

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Civilization: Beyond Earth Winter Update


Civilization: Beyond Earth has been finally updated majorly for the first time since its release. Fireaxis Games have released a patch list, detailing all of the change and bug fixes going into Beyond Earth. The game was quite famously panned at release, due to a complete lack of attention to ...

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Final Fantasy: Record Keeper Loads Up in the Spring

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper, Final Fantasy, Square-Enix, DeNA, iOS, Google Play, Android, Mobile Gaming, Mobile Games, Nostalgia,

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper is coming stateside, and is ready to derez your favorite Final Fantasy memories.

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GTA V PC Delayed Once Again

grand theft auto v, gta v, gta 5, rockstar, review

GTA V‘s PC release has once again been delayed until April 14th. This delay is the send in six weeks, pushing the date further and further back. According to the official statement “a bit more time is needed to ensure that the game is as polished as possible”. At this ...

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Crowfall: If Game of Thrones and EVE Online Had a Baby.

crowfall, mmo, online, kickstarter

With the closure of Sony Online Entertainment, there’s little to no hope that Everquest Next will ever see the light of day. Enter the guys who made some of the best MMO’s of the past generation and their promising new project that—if it lives up to its promises—will be like ...

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eSports Report: Week Of February 18-25, 2015

eSports Report

This week in the eSports Report was the most event filled week yet. Some surprising upsets and one of the best matches in the 2015 season plus the regional tournament for Call Of Duty marks a great week in esports. For the NA LCS, this week marks a change in ...

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Street Fighter V Trailer Highlights Charlie Nash, Online Beta, M. Bison

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 1.08.20 PM

Teased in the initial reveal trailer at PlayStation Experience, Street Fighter V has only seen two faces duke it out – Chun-Li and Ryu. Today showcases the return of Charlie Nash, veteran street fighter who hasn’t seen much action since Street Fighter Alpha. Nash has clearly seen better days, as ...

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Lionsgate Invests in Telltale For New Original IP

game of thrones

Telltale is finally crafting their own original story and Lionsgate is giving them a hefty investment to see it reach completion. Most of the series details are still under lock and key, but we could expect that the series is going to be episodic and each episode is to be ...

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League of Legends Controversry Over SpectateFaker

leauge of legends

League of Legends is experiencing some controversy at the moment as a result of an independent person streaming Faker’s games. A player is using the in-client streaming platform to spectate Faker’s games, then streaming his viewing of them. Both Azubu, the streaming platform that Faker is contracted to, and Riot ...

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Europa Universalis IV DLC El Dorado Release on February 26th

eu4 el dorado

Europa Universalis IV ‘s newest DLC, El Dorado, has had its release date finally confirmed. On February 26th, players can finally expand the exploration of the new world through a variety of new events and decisions. Alongside this, a complete overhaul of the Meso- and South- American cultures and religions ...

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