Gametwerp Podcast Episode 235 – “Oh, the Inhumanity”

gametwerp podcast, episode 235, destiny, oh the inhumanity, the inhumans

This is the last one before we return in December, so give it a good listen! (And forgive the absence of Riley’s audio for the final segment!) – Intros – Electro-dermal Testing for Until Dawn – Free for All – Shout-outs – Gag Reel Like the show? Leave us an ...

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Gametwerp Podcast Episode 234 – “Out of the Closet, into the Pie”

gametwerp podcast, episode 234, out of the closet into the pie, GTA, san andreas

The big break is coming up, but for now we’re serving up one last pre-Halloween episode. No spooks here — just video games and good times. – Intros – GTA: San Andreas Possible Re-release – Bullet List: Top 5 Antagonist Games – Shout-outs – Gag Reel Like the show? Leave ...

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Gametwerp Podcast Episode 233 – “Population 20″

gametwerp podcast, episode 233, population 20, driveclub

After two weeks (intentional or not) off, the crew is back. Shake off those seasonal colds and tune in for some game talk! – Intros – Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Starting a Crossbuy Trend – The Rant: Games Announced Too Early – Driveclub PS+ Edition Unavailable – Shout-outs – ...

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Gametwerp Podcast Episode 232 – “HorizonCraft”

gametwerp podcast, episode 232, horizoncraft, minecraft, horizon

We were all over the place this week (in a good way). There’s some raging, a few impressions, and lots of news to sort through. Tune in and enjoy! – Intros – Microsoft Buys Minecraft – Free for All – Guerrilla Games Reveals Horizon – Shout-outs – Gag Reel Like ...

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Gametwerp Podcast Episode 231 – “Super Destiny Bros.”

gametwerp podcast, episode 231, super destiny bros., destiny, super smash bros.

Chaos on all fronts prevented a normal show this week, but we needed to release something. So here’s a few minutes of Destiny impressions and Smash Bros. news. We’ll be back! – Intros – Destiny Impressions - Super Smash Bros. Final Roster Revealed – Shout-outs – Gag Reel Like the ...

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Gametwerp Podcast Episode 230 – “David O. Russell’s Lego Uncharted”

gametwerp podcast, episode 230, david o. russell's lego uncharted, lego rock band

With Au-guest behind us, we move into the busy, busy fall gaming season. Game by game, Lego by Lego, handheld by handheld — here we go! – Intros – Study Shows Games Make You Happy – Bullet List: Lego Games We Want – New 3DS Revealed – Shout-outs – Gag ...

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Gametwerp Podcast Episode 229 – “The Polar Bear Plunge”

gametwerp podcast, episode 229, the polar bear plunge, super smash bros

Au-guest has come to a close, and we’re finishing with our old friend Eric Ross — better known as PacManPolarBear — from Big Red Barrel. It’s a week of mostly Nintendo news, so it makes sense to bring on a Sony fan, right? – Intros – Mario Kart 8 DLC ...

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Gametwerp Podcast Episode 228 – “Toe-thumb Mutant Ninja Turtles”

gametwerp podcast, episode 228, TMNT, darksiders

Au-guest is almost done, but we’re back with an old friend and favorite, Doc. As usual, he only made things crazier. Tune in for all things Playstation, Dante’s Inferno, and Michael Bay. – Intros – The Top 10 Developers to Work For – Free for All – PS4’s “Pass the ...

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Gametwerp Podcast Episode 227 – “How to Steal Yu-Gi-Oh Cards”

gametwerp podcast, episode 227, bloodborne, how to steal yugioh cards

Au-guest keeps rolling! This week we’re joined by one Brandt Ranj, whom Tony met during his San Francisco residency. Also, we teach you how to steal some trading cards. Just don’t do it and blame us, OK? – Intros – Super Smash Bros. Roster…Who’s Left? – Flashback: Hotline Miami – ...

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Gametwerp Podcast Episode 226 – “Rogue Comet”

gametwerp podcast, episode 226, rogue comet, assassin's creed

This week we’re kicking off Au-guest. It’s a stupid pun, but it means we’re having a guest on every episode this month. First up is mister Travis “Turbobison” Foster! – Intros – Killzone: Shadow Fall 1080p Lawsuit – Free for All - Assassin’s Creed Rogue Revealed – Shout-outs – Gag ...

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