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Front Towards Gamer Radio 265: Ball-Kickin’ Bet


How confident is Quinn that Fallout 4 is coming out this year? Well, he’s promised Shanghai and podcast guest host Morgan Park that someone will give him a kick to the balls. He doesn’t event want anything in return, that’s how confident he is about this bet. So, look forward ...

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Front Towards Gamer Radio 264: Monthly Dub-scription Fee

podcast, gaming, quinn, shanghai six, dubstep, ori and the blind forest, ori, la cops, battlefield, hardline, ailerongame, brandon parker, quinn sullivan, stephen machuga, ascend, advanced warfare, call of duty, powers, ps4, playstation 4

Another week of no Gigi, replaced by FTGR audio editor Brandon Parker who goes by the handle…Ail…eronsalrison. Aileron. Aa-yel-ryon. Damnit. Anyway, he’s also on Front Towards Gamer’s shooter podcast, Running Riot Radio! Anyway, Brandon bitches about playing space taxi in Ascend and how Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is “a ...

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Phil Robb, Co-Founder Turtle Rock Studios: Front Towards Gamer Radio 263

phil robb evolve

Shanghai Six sits down with Phil Robb, the co-founder of Turtle Rock Studios (Left 4 Dead, Evolve) to discuss the history of the studio, the jump from Valve following the original Left 4 Dead, and of course, Evolve, Evolve, and EVOLVE! And yes, we do briefly touch on some of the ...

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Front Towards Gamer Radio 262: A Bill Murray Ambush!

rhys, egner, shanghai, six, stephen, machuga, quinn, soulibon, sullivan, pax east, 2014, bill, murray, bill murray, k-pop, windward, overwatch, moonrise, podcast,

Another sans-Gigi episode, we get ambushed by Bill Murray! No, not really, but Quinn did! Also, he fell down a weird K-Pop hole this week which I’m fairly sure he won’t recover, please send your prayers to him.  Pinch hitting for our zombie loving Gigi this week is Rhys “Triscuitable” ...

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Front Towards Gamer Radio 261: Five Nights at Freddy’s 17

liongate, telltale, games, soapy, warpig, quinn, shanghai six, podcast, five nights at freddy, five, nights, freddy's, FNAF, FNAF3, resident evil, capcom, scottgames

A little late post #PAXEast…did I just hashtag in WordPress? You bet I did. Because I’m fragged right now and sitting in a pool of business cards and unanswered emails from our @OpSupplyDrop booth! Jesus, I just did it again! I used a Twitter handle for Operation Supply Drop. Aaaaaaaargh. ...

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Troy Baker, Vocalist Extraordinaire: Front Towards Gamer Radio 260

troy, baker, voice actor, VO, voice acting, batman, arkham, joker, killing joke, sitting in the fire, album, itunes, troybaker.net, podcast, interview, shanghai six, stephen, machuga, operation supply drop, OSD

After months of hunting, we were finally able to secure an interview with one of the biggest names in video games out there right now, Mr. Troy Baker. You may not know him by sight, but, oh, buddy, do you know his voice! He’s been providing voices for major triple A ...

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Front Towards Gamer Radio 259: Secret Duck Sex

liongate, telltale, games, soapy, warpig, quinn, shanghai six, podcast, life is strange, maxine, caulfield, the order, 1886, valve,

The gang is all back together for this week’s show, with Gamergirltalk coming back from reconstructive naming surgery; she will no longer be referred to as “Gamer Girl Talk” but her Xbox Live gamer tag, “Soapy Warpig”. Because, you know, video games. But none of it matters, because she’ll always ...

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League of Legends Jungle Professor FoxDropLoL: Front Towards Gamer Radio 258

foxdroplol, fox, drop, lol, league of legends, diamond, jungle, jungler, professor, season 5, season, riot games, interview, podcast, shanghai six, stephen machuga, laning, jarvan IV, jarvan, j4,

League of Legends Diamond-ranked jungle professor FoxDropLoL stops by the podcast this week to talk about his crazy streaming/Youtube recording schedule, what his plans are for both Season 5 and the days when League of Legends is out of the gaming world spotlight, what he’s been doing recently to fight the ...

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Front Towards Gamer Radio 257: War Never Changes

fallout, war, bethesda, e3, evolve, turtle rock, sunless sea, darkest dungeon, peter molyneux, 22 cans, godus, evolve, podcast, shanghai six, stephen machuga, quinn sullivan, soulibon

The boys are forced again to fend for themselves while Mama Bear Gigi takes another siesta for this week’s show, likely having something to do with a work-related injury involving her 3DS and Animal Crossing. Shanghai Six gets down with Sunless Sea and a little more Darkest Dungeon, while Quinn ...

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Front Towards Gamer Radio 256: Future Bounty Hunter Dude III

bounty hunter, king abdullah, jordan, darkest dungeon, bounty, hunter, future, life is strange, square enix, dontnod, gone home, overture, game of thrones, telltale games, podcast, quinn, sullivan, shanghai, six, stephen machuga, grim fandango, monty oum, inside gaming, rooster teeth, joystiq, engadget

Front Towards Gamer Radio’s host who is missing a Y chromosome is unable to attend the taping due to garbage mass transit issues, so Quinn and Shanghai do battle with an hour of air time without their Animal Crossing-obsessed co-host. Quinn talks the Grim Fandango remastered edition and how sweet ...

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