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Watch This! DLC: SpeedRunners

Watch This!, Watch This! DLC. Double Dutch Games, tinyBuild, SpeedRunners, Let's Play, Youtube,

Watch This! DLC greet 2015 with a brand new video of tinyBuild & Double Dutch Games' SpeedRunners.

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Game of Thrones: FTG Let’s Play Part 4

Telltales a Game of Thrones

Man Margaery is super pissed, things aren’t looking good for Mira in Kings Landing. The show down with Ramsey Snow finally reaches its climax and Ethan gets the point. What an ending to season one of Game of Thrones.

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The Evil Within: Chapter 10 Boss: Alpha

Evil Within Chapter 10

At the end of the Evil Within chapter 10, we face the Amalgam Alpha. This guy has two forms. The first is predictable and easy if you know where to hide, and the second has lethal with a one hit insta-kill. Avoid him at all costs on the second stage of ...

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Game of Thrones: FTG Let’s Play Part 3

Telltales Game of Thrones

In todays Game of Thrones we name a new hand of the assistant of the lord of the… whatever. And we see the lovely Ramsey Snow and find out why his sigil is a flayed man.

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The Evil Within: Chapter 10 Boss: Laura Reborn

Evil Within Spider Lady

The Boss can be beat but is it worth it? Probably not. You can lead her around the maze and exit the level or take her down for 1000 XP and a locker key. The key is keeping your distance and finding those all important levers as fast as you ...

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Halo 5: Guardians Beta: FTG Let’s Play

Halo 5 Guardians

My first step back into the Spartan armor for years. I’m sure I’ve still got it. It can’t be that bad can it?

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The Evil Within: Chapter 9 Boss: Ruvik

The Evil Within Chapter 9

This Boss fight is a cake walk if you know how to do it. Avoid Ruvik at all costs and take out the standard zombies a group at a time with a flash bolt and stealth attack. After 3 waves of enemies the fight is yours.

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The Evil Within: Chapter 7 Boss: The Keeper

Evil Within Safehead

How to take on the Keeper from Evil Within. This Boss isn’t that hard if you know where to go. Just keep an eye on that gas meter and avoid the boss if you can’t take him down.

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The Evil Within: Chapter 6 Boss The Sentinel

Evil Within Chapter 6 Boss

The Senitel in Evil Within is no easy boss. This fight is just a battle of attrition. Hit him as fast as you can before he hits you, and he will hit you as there no way to dodge his lunge. Stun him with freeze and lightning bolts then hit ...

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Game of Thrones: FTG Let’s Play Part 2

Telltales Game of Thrones

Join us as we continue in telltale’s Game of Thrones. Damn it Cersei what do you want from me? Its getting real hard to keep my head around here. At least Tyrion and Margeary are cool… for now.

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